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Awards & Recognition

Promoting Healthy Life Styles & Fashion Living

Top Model Award

Top Model awards are given to the models who are dedicated to contribute to the community. 

What we promote?

What we do?

Top Styles Award

Top Styles awards are given to the stylish hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, real estate agents who sold stylish houses and interior decorators.

We  promote businesses as well individual styles, fashions, talents and arts.  Our Trade and Fashion shows are organized in the major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami and Los Vegas.  Our “Styles & Fashions Awards” events are meant to recognize best businesses and  individual models, artists, talents, fashion designers, talents, cosmetic surgeons, and any other outstanding individuals that contributed to the fashion community.  We also award stylish hotels, cars, resorts, casinos, golf clubs and hospitals.  Our FASHION BOMBS fashion show promoted the awareness of fashions & was a smash hit! The on-stage talent was electrifying! 

Top Band Award

Top Brands awards are given to the local businesses that have excellent customer service and contributed to the community.